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Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Instrumentalist ( Saxophone, Flute, Bassclarinet and Piano )


What does music mean to you?

“Music is vibration. It is universal love and light, and when we connect with her, we can feel what is beyond the veil of perception in our three dimensional reality. Music is my vocation but also my spiritual volition. The path of music is a journey of growth and of connection. For me, music has to come from the heart to be true and authentic...and therefore to be beautiful.”

How would you describe your music?

“It’s not about genres, it’s about authenticity. It’s about telling a story. My preferred vocabulary favors a sensual fusion of soulful melodies, hypnotic trip-hoppy dub rhythms and jazzy instrumental lines and solos.”


Marubia, a northern German born artist, has connected with the spirit of music since her early childhood. Beginning with classic German folk instruments, formal piano lessons and choir. It wasn’t long before she realised it was actually her life’s mission and decided to make music her profession. Thus followed years of conservatory study on the saxophone, piano and music pedagogy.

As a professional musician she has performed and collaborated with many national and international artists of all genres. Just to mention a few: saxophonist Greg Osby, drummer Dany Gottlieb, US-American rapper Eric “IQ” Grey, Cuban percussionist Marcus Ilucan, artist and producer Fontaine Burnett, German singer/songwriters Anke Scheer and Julia Karr, African artist Toto Lightman and Force X and Reggae-Artists Sparkie Melody (Lucky 13 records international), Marcus Genard, Sam T.N. and Jahrôme.

With “Odyssey” she brings out her debut solo album, on which she not only performs as an instrumentalist (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute) but also as a composer and singer.


In her words:

“Odyssey is a story being told. It is like a book, in three parts. It is about a journey. Not so much a journey through time and space, but an inward journey to the self... to myself. It is about my search, my odyssey inwards through other dimensions. The voyage of a being of light...a warrior of light. It is my journey, yet it reflects the seeking in all of us...and I am inviting listeners to come along with me.”


YouTube channel: Marubia
instagram: _marubia_

+49 177 4755470

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